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Welcome to the Daily Digest where day care providers are suing to stop a unionization vote, Dayton readies to announce a bullying task force, and a woman says she and Herman Cain had a years-long affair.

Around Minnesota

A group of day care providers announced a lawsuit Monday to block a unionization vote.

The Committee on Rules and Administration will hold a hearing on the issue at 9 a.m. today. Thursday.

Gov. Mark Dayton will announce an anti-bullying task force. He’s holding a press conference on the issue today.

The state will get federal health care funds after all, MPR reports.

A Ramsey County hearing underscores the tough decisions Minnesota communities are making about taxes and services.

The Senate holds a hearing on the stadium today. Here’s the agenda.

In Washington

DFL Rep. Tim Walz’s bill to prevent insider trading in Congress has earned 19 Republican co-sponsors, according to the The Hill.

National Public Radio looks at a little-known federal office that has big sway over the final wording of new regulations.

The super committee missed their deadline to come up with a deficit plan last week. As a result, automatic cuts will kick in 2013. Here’s what the “sequestration” process could look like.

On the Campaign Trail

Rep. Michele Bachmann downplayed Newt Gingrich’s Union Leader endorsement.

She was in South Carolina Monday, once again hitting Gingrich for being inconsistent, the Associated Press reports.

Bachmann announced Tea Party co-chairs in South Carolina.

One to watch: the Des Moines Register reports that social conservative groups in Iowa are considering a joint endorsement. Bachmann is among the potential candidates.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer agrees with Bachmann’s stance on Pakistan.

Bachmann did a series of radio interviews yesterday. Here’s a link to her spot on the Laura Ingraham show.

She skipped an interview with a South Carolina radio host to go on Fox News, according to the Huffington Post.

A woman says she had a 13-year-long affair with Herman Cain. He denies the claim.

The Romney campaign is sending around this mailer in Iowa, touting Romney as the most electable candidate.

DFL party chairman Ken Martin compared Bachmann to liberal Senator Paul Wellstone. (He may have read Bachmann’s memoir, Core of Conviction; in it, Bachmann compares herself to Wellstone as well.)

The comments were made in conjunction with a new DNC ad and website meant to paint Romney as a flip-flopper on a number of issues.

Romney National Co-chair Tim Pawlenty defended Romney against the nationwide DNC attack.

Bloomberg looks into Romney’s shifting stance on immigration.

Meanwhile, Gingrich outlines his immigration plan.

What will the GOP presidential candidates do if they don’t win the nomination (or the presidency, for that matter)?

President Barack Obama’s approval rating remains low, according to a new Gallup poll.

  • Graeme

    Wow, that was a brilliant point Bachmann made about Pakistan. *snark*snark*

    But, to her credit, and considering the current crop of Republican candidates, at least she’s heard of the country.