The Daily Digest (DFLers spar over maps, Bachmann in NYC, Pizza as a vegetable?)

We start today’s Digest off with redistricting.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum and DFL Rep. Collin Peterson have ripped the DFL backed redistricting plan.

McCollum’s chief of staff issued a statement saying the proposal was “bizarre” and “hyper-partisan.”

The Star Tribune quotes Peterson as saying the map is “blatantly partisan.”

The DFL map also pairs 35 incumbents in the Minnesota House, 13 incumbents in the Minnesota Senate. None of those match-ups force two Democrats to run against each other. Read the match-ups here.

Under the Dome

The House Commerce Committee will hold a hearing today on Gov. Dayton’s order that allows child care workers to decide if they want to join a union.

The Pi Press reports that sick-time payouts have spiked as more Minnesota state workers take early retirement.

Forum Communications says Democrats are targeting property taxes as a political issue.

The state of Minnesota will award $52 million in affordable housing grants.

A Minnesota task force recommends sharing criminal records with the FBI.

Police aren’t keeping up with the latest designer drug threats.

Vikings Stadium

The Star Tribune takes a look at the money behind the Block E proposal.

The St. Cloud Times says St. Cloud area lawmakers are warming toward gambling.


The Deficit Super Committee braces for fallout from their failure to reach a deal – another signal of the partisan gridlock that has stymied Washington D.C.

Politico says the political parties are looking to spin the failure of a deal to their political advantage.

The key question is whether the failure of a deal roils the markets.

Hospitals in Duluth are worried that automatic across the board cuts to Medicare could damage their ability to provide care.

On Friday, MPR took a look a the behind the scenes lobbying by groups with ties to a Minnesota company and Minnesota lawmakers on whether pizza sauce should be considered a vegetable.

The Minnesota Farm Bureau Federal president says farmers are willing to accept cuts to federal agricultural programs.

The DFL members of Minnesota’s delegation are backing DFL Rep. Tim Walz’ push to bar members of Congress from buying and selling stocks based on inside information they glean from their work.

Minnesota’s delegation split its vote on the Balanced Budget Amendment.

The U.S. is shifting its deportation policy.

Middle East

Protesters are clashing with the military in Egypt.

Syria is also a tinderbox.

Race for President

The Washington Post says President Obama’s base of support remains solid heading into 2012.

The New York Times says Mitt Romney is making a play to win Iowa.

Democrats are already taking aim at Romney’s general election bona fides – suggesting he’s a flip-flopper.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is in New York City today and will meet with Donald Trump. She is also scheduled to appear on Jimmy Fallon.

Bachmann will sign her book at the Mall of America on Black Friday.

Bachmann focused on social issues at an Iowa forum.


The Digest is taking the rest of the week off. There will still be posts on the blog, however, so check back regularly.

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