The Daily Digest (Will MN police records go into federal system? Shutdown report coming, Bachmann in Iowa)

MPR is reporting that the state of Minnesota is considering whether to dump millions of local police records from Minnesota into a federal criminal and investigative database.

Minnesota finalized the sale of $757 million in tobacco bonds. The total cost to the state for the loan, including interest, is $1.2 billion.

Gov. Dayton says the shutdown report will be released next week.

MPR says some cities are paying for past choices. Some are dogged by past infrastructure investment.

Closing post offices is the latest hardship for Minnesota towns.

Small cities want to stop the flood diversion plan for the Red River.

The House Commerce Committee has scheduled a Monday hearing to discuss Gov. Dayton’s executive order that allows some in-home day care providers to vote on whether to join a union.

An economist is predicting a big impact in Minnesota from the health care reform law.

3M is asking the state to drop fish consumption advisories because of results from a 3M sponsored study on fish tissue and water.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin says a 60 Minutes report catapults DFL Rep. Tim Walz bill that deals with insider trading in Congress.

Vikings Stadium

GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch says in an op-ed in the Star Tribune that the stadium vote will fail without a workable plan.

After meeting with Ramsey County leaders, Gov. Dayton is still non-commital on a stadium site.


The parties in the state’s redistricting case have to show their maps today.


Minnesota’s jobless rate declined in October.

U.S. unemployment applications also dropped to a 7-month low.

8 percent of the mortgages issued during the bubble have ended in foreclosure.

The U.S. Census says Minnesota’s child poverty rate hit 15 percent.

Industry representatives examine Minnesota’s future in robotics.


An Idaho man, who fired shots at the White House, has been charged with trying to assassinate President Obama.

Congress approved a bill that would avert a government shutdown.

The Super Committee has a lot of work to do to reach agreement on a deficit reduction plan.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu offers no apologies for the Solyndra loan.

President Obama will pardon two Minnesota turkeys next week at the White House.

Congress is on the verge of killing a high-speed rail program.

The Hill reports that DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar and other Democrats worry the health care law could impact farmers’ insurance coverage.

A top Democrat on the House Education Committee wants an investigation into the sex abuse scandals at Penn State and the Citadel. GOP Rep. John Kline chairs that committee.

Race for President

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is campaigning in Iowa. She told Drake University students that “We are broke in this country.”

Bachmann also said Energy Secretary Steven Chu should be fired.

She said the Solyndra scandal is “criminal” in an interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren.

Bachmann also hammers Newt Gingrich over the Freddie Mac payment.

Gingrich’s think tank collected millions from the health care industry.

The Minneapolis fundraiser for Mitt Romney has been postponed.

Tim Pawlenty will campaign for Romney in New Hampshire.

The Secret Service confirms protection for Herman Cain. The security came at Cain’s request.

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