The Daily Digest

Welcome to the Daily Digest, where some local elections pick up endorsements, the St. Croix bridge sees some movement, and we listen yet again to the “oops” heard around the world.

Around Minnesota

A person with knowledge of the endorsements says that women*winning* will endorse Kari Dziedzic for Senate in district 59 and that Sen. Scott Dibble and OutFront will endorse Susan Allen’s race for district 61B.

DFLer Tarryl Clark, who’s hoping to run against Rep. Chip Cravaack in 2012, was endorsed Wednesday by United Steelworkers District 11.

Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon won’t seek the DFL endorsement to run in the 8th District.

Ranked choice voting in St. Paul leads to a recount.

The Star Tribune reports that Dayton wants to discuss the Vikings stadium with lawmakers next week.

Andersen Corporation laid off 250 employees.

The state is poised to sell tobacco bonds to get cash to close the deficit.

Voters made careful choices in Tuesday’s election.

Roughly 70 percent of district requests for money were approved.

In Washington

Supercommittee deficit discussions may be looking up.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama isn’t stepping into discussions, the New York Times reports.

The PoliGraph says that a Minnesota GOP claim about Sen. Amy Klobuchar is false.

Klobuchar says she’s found a way to offset federal funding for the St. Croix bridge.

Meanwhile, lawmakers from Minnesota and Wisconsin sent a letter to Minnesota’s D.C. delegation opposing the bridge.

The House will vote on a concealed weapons bill next week.

Money and Politics

Propublica reports that FEC data shows more spending by super PACs and outside groups.

White House e-mails reveal that a major Obama donor has ties to the Solyndra scandal.

On the Campaign Trail

The GOP presidential candidates debated economic policy in Michigan last night. Here’s a recap.

A major theme: the United States needs to stay out of Europe’s debt crisis.

You’ll be hearing about Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s gaffe. All. Day. Long.

Among the debate’s winners? Herman Cain, says The Fix. Rep. Michele Bachmann, who also participated in the debate, isn’t included on their list in either group.

Midday profiled Cain.

Bachmann will give a major foreign policy speech today, according to her campaign. The speech will occur at a familiar place.

Bachmann wants Obama to apologize for statements he made about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will campaign for Mitt Romney in Iowa, who has slowly but surely ramped up his appearances there.

Onward and Upward!

Cullen Sheehan, Chief of Staff to GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, is taking a lobbying position with Lockridge, Grindal Nauen. Congrats!

  • I noticed that The Fix did not assign rankings to the winners and losers for the Republican debate, but he is right to include Maria Bartiromo. Clearly, Ms. Bartiromo and John Harwood exhibited a grasp of the issues as well as the candidate’s past statements … heck, after that debate, I would vote for John Harwood.