The Daily Digest (Local sales tax for Vikes is dead, Bachmann targets Cain, Klobuchar hires a campaign manager)

GOP House Speaker Kurt Zellers e-mailed colleagues late last night to tell them he won’t support a special session to build a new Vikings Stadium.

“I have repeatedly told Governor Dayton that I will not support a special session for a Vikings stadium,” Zellers wrote in the e-mail. “This issue can be addressed during the regular session.

The e-mail came just hours after Gov. Dayton and the four legislative leaders said no to a local sales tax hike. Dayton made the announcement one week before he’s releasing his plan to finance a new Vikings stadium.

Here’s the statement from Dayton and leaders.

Dayton suggested that electronic pull-tabs was the best option to finance a new stadium. MPR takes a look at how that would work.

Two Republican lawmakers who oversee the state’s Legacy Amendment money say they think other funding sources should be considered to finance a new Vikings stadium.

Under the Dome

The Pi Press says the Minnesota Department of Health has confirmed cases of abuse at several Minnesota health care facilities.

A State Capitol renovation inches closer to reality.

Test scores from the National Assessment of Education Progress show that Minnesota students made little progress over the last decade in reading.

The state expects to have enough money to cover its portion of aid for needy college students, said the head of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

Duluth voters must choose between lower taxes or losing services.

Cash strapped cities cut library services.

Approval is expected for Magnetation mining lease.

Same-sex marriage Debate

More disclosure is possible for Minnesota ballot measures.


WCCO gets a sit down with President Obama.

WCCO asks whether President Obama came through on his promises.

A New York Times analysis says GOP Rep. John Kline didn’t miss a vote this year. GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, who is running for president, missed 26 percent of the votes cast this year.

MFs Global collapse is drawing FBI interest.

GOP Rep. Keith Ellison voted present on an In God We Trust bill.

The leaders of the House and Senate Ag Committees have missed a self-imposed deadline of Nov. 1 to present their plan for reducing agriculture spending. DFL Rep. Collin Peterson is mentioned.

Peterson also formed a Communications caucus.

As Iraq and the Afghan wars cycle down, anti-suicide program for Minn. veterans ramps up.


The Greek Parliament backs a referendum on the EU debt rescue package.

Greek turmoil sent the world’s markets lower.

Race for U.S. Senate

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar hired Justin Buoen to run her campaign.

Race for President

Republicans pitch their jobs plans to Iowa voters.

The lawyer for Herman Cain’s accuser says she wants to tell her side of story.

Cain’s accuser got a year in severance pay.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is trying to capitalize on Cain harassment accusations.

Bachmann announced at an Iowa forum that she opposes ethanol subsidies.