Sheehan leaving Koch’s office

Cullen Sheehan, Chief of Staff to GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, announced today that he’s leaving his position to take a lobbying position with Lockridge, Grindal Nauen. Sheehan, has served as Koch’s Chief of Staff since Republicans took over the Minnesota Senate after the 2010 elections. He also ran Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for governor and Norm Coleman’s reelection run in 2008.

Koch released this statement:

“Cullen has been a tremendous asset to the Minnesota Senate Caucus. The Caucus’ transition from minority to majority in the Minnesota Senate, for the first time in 38 years, would not have been possible without his leadership. In a naturally partisan environment, Cullen has managed to earn respect from both sides of the aisle for his professionalism and knowledge. Cullen will be greatly missed by all of us in the Caucus and we wish him the best in all future endeavors.”

Kevin Matzek, current Legislative Director for the Caucus, will be the interim Chief of Staff.


“It’s a big acquisition for us,” Ted Grindal told MPR News. Grindal said he hasn’t determined which areas Sheehan will focus on but he said he brings a wealth of state and national contacts to their firm. “The intent was to be state focused but what it’s a reflection of is how broadly his contacts are.”

Grindal said their firm has roughly 70 different clients on the state and federal level. He also said he thinks Sheehan will help bring in additional clients to Lockridge Grindal.

“I am thrilled to join LGN and their outstanding government relations team,” Sheehan said in a statement sent by Lockridge Grindal Nauen. “They have a solid reputation for providing clients with the tools they need to succeed in complex political and public policy environments. I look forward to the opportunity to use my skills to continue that tradition.”

  • Jim

    Let’s see, Emmer and Coleman are losers partly due to him. Maybe he wants to get out before Koch loses her next reelection bid.

  • Chris

    That would be quite the upset. Back in 2006, Klobuchar carried 64 out of 67 Senate districts, and Amy Koch’s was one of the three that went for Kennedy. It’s one of the safest GOP seats in the state. I don’t know how its borders are going to change with redistricting, but there’s not a lot of DFL territory around it either.