Senate stadium hearings coming after Thanksgiving

Senate Republicans say they will hold two hearings on a proposed new Vikings stadium.

The first will be Nov. 29 and the other Dec. 6.

Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont, is a stadium bill sponsor in the Senate and says she hopes a public airing will move the process forward.

“It’s important to get the public input, and that’s what these hearings are going to be about,” Rosen said. “Number 1, get the right information out about why we have to keep this valuable asset, why the dome does not work currently, what are the various options for this stadium site. The pros and cons. That’ll be the first hearing. Second hearing will be the funding sources and how the mechanics of that is going to work,”

Rosen, however, said that she doesn’t think there will be a bill drafted for the hearings. The Senate hasn’t named a time or location for the hearings, although Republicans said three committees will participate. The House hasn’t indicated it’s ready for any public hearings on a Vikings stadium.

Gov. Mark Dayton said he welcomed the Senate’s effort and that he’d meet with Rosen tomorrow.

“I commend her and the Minnesota Senate for scheduling the two hearings,” Dayton said after a short meeting with Arden Hills officials. “That’s a very positive step forward, and hopefully those hearings will present a clearer picture to at least the senators what the options are and where to go from here.”

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