RAMCO sales tax ban (maybe) back on the table

The Ramsey County Charter Commission, which decided against putting a proposed stadium tax on the ballot, has the issue back on its agenda on Monday.

But it isn’t clear if the 17-member panel is going to take another run at the issue.

Commissioner Rod Halvorson, with a parliamentary fake-out at the end, joined the 10-6 vote against his own proposal last month, making him eligible to ask for reconsideration.

Now, he’s exercised that option: Halvorson has asked to put the matter back on the commission agenda for the Nov. 14 meeting. But Halvorson’s not saying IF he’ll actually ask for another vote.

In an email followup to coverage of the meeting, Halvorson has added this:

“Under the procedures of the open meetings’ law, an agenda must be published in advance of the Charter Commission meeting Monday night. Therefore, I notified the Commission staff of my right to bring up a motion to reconsider the charter amendment that I proposed at our last meeting. Now that the issue is on the agenda, I would be allowed to make such a motion and also offer an amended version of my charter amendment. I have not yet decided on what action I will take Monday night.”

The point may be moot, since in essence, he may have already won: the attention the Ramsey County Charter Commission brought on the referendum issue this fall may have played a factor in the state’s decision to rule out a sales tax hike for a Vikings stadium.

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