DFL party chair compares Bachmann to Wellstone

At a news conference in St. Paul Monday, Minnesota DFL Party Chair Ken Martin criticized Mitt Romney for being inconsistent on issues such as immigration, economic policy and legalized abortion. It was part of a national Democratic Party effort to go after Romney following an ad he released last week that was widely knocked for taking President Obama’s remarks on the economy out of context.

During the St. Paul event, Martin credited Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann for being an authentic politician. While Martin made it clear he opposes Bachmann’s political ideology, he said Bachmann appeals to some people because she is consistent on issues, just as former DFL Sen. Paul Wellstone was.

“The reason people give someone like a Paul Wellstone some credit and give someone like a Michele Bachmann some credit is because, at the end of the day, they feel that she and someone like Paul, believes honestly what they said and they stood up and fought for what they believed in, not what they felt was the most politically expedient,” Martin said.

With the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses quickly approaching Bachmann is trying to make the case that she’s the only “true conservative” in the GOP nomination battle to run against President Obama next year.

While Democratic leaders around the country are singling out Romney for criticism, Bachmann seems focused on Newt Gingrich. Today she criticized the former Speaker of the House for a proposal to offer citizenship to some illegal immigrants.

  • John P II

    This sounds like Martin trying to keep some loyalists on a sinking ship just a little longer. It’s not a comparison to say apples and oranges are both perceived as being fruit.

  • Chris

    I guess they had a couple similarities on issues, like supporting DOMA.

  • Bernard Webb

    I am a liberal who disagrees with (I think) every policy Bachmann has ever advocated. Yet I too have identified her as the only republican candidate besides Huntsman (and maybe Santorum) who is consistent and sincere in her statements. Cain and the others are simply bald-faced liars.

    Those who accuse Bachmann herself of “lying” miss the point that she BELIEVES the things she says, all of which are absolutely true in the upside-down right-wing parallel universe that she and her fellow Tea Partiers inhabit. What you are hearing when she says something false is the gap between Right-Wing Reality and Real Reality. But she is not “lying” on those occasions in the sense that, say, Romney is ALL the time.

  • Susanna Patterson

    I can’t imagine how anyone could draw any parallels between Paul Wellstone and Michele Bachmann.

    Paul Wellstone was not a liar.

    Paul Wellstone did not fling unfounded and incendiary accusations at his opponents.

    Those fundamental differences should be sufficient — but there’s more: I don’t think Michele Bachmann REALLY believes ANYTHING she says! The only reason she seems to stick to a certain set of “principles” is that her base of support has never shifted and she has never needed to “flip-flop” in order to keep her job. I am convinced that she would say anything — anything at all — that she believed would help her to be electd or re-elected.