McCollum takes aim at DFL Party over redistricting plans

MPR News is still trying to access the DFL Party’s proposed redistricting plans – but one of the state’s Congressional members is not pleased with the map. DFL Rep. Betty McCollum’s chief of staff Bill Harper issued a statement blasting DFL Party Chair Ken Martin and the members of the DFL Party’s legal team.

“The DFL Chair and his high paid lawyers have proposed a congressional map to the redistricting panel that is hyper-partisan and bizarre. Their plan ignores the judge’s redistricting criteria and it insults established communities of interest, particularly in the East Metro. Congresswoman McCollum has faith in the judges on the panel to draw fair political boundaries that will serve the best interests of all Minnesotans.”

MPR News could not reach Harper to comment on why he’s upset with the DFL map. A call to McCollum’s spokeswoman has also not been returned.

One factor could be that McCollum would end up in the same district as GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann if the DFL map is approved by the court. The DFL map pairs McCollum and Bachmann.

MPR News viewed one proposed map by DFLers that paired the two together. A person with knowledge of that map said that the DFL map would submit that proposed map to the courts.

Will be updated…

Here’s the proposed map:

Martin Intervenors Congressional Map_Minnesota-2