Klobuchar hires Buoen to run campaign

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar has hired Justin Buoen to run her 2012 reelection campaign. Klobuchar promoted Buoen last week. He most recently served as Klobuchar’s deputy campaign manager. He started working for Klobuchar’s campaign in 2005.

“Justin started with me 6 years ago organizing parades and since then he has become a critical member of my team,” Klobuchar said in a statement. “Justin knows our state well and he is uniquely qualified to lead our campaign at this time.”

Klobuchar is running for her second term in office. Several Republicans have lined up to run against her. They include former state Rep. Dan Severson, St. Bonifacius city council member Joe Arwood and St. Paul resident Anthony Hernandez. Neither of those candidates currently have the statewide name identification or campaign war chest to mount an effective campaign but all three argue that Klobuchar can be beaten.

Buoen says he and Klobuchar are taking nothing for granted in 2012.

“We have to be ready,” Buoen said. “Sen. Klobuchar is committed to working hard.”

  • Bob

    Yes none of her opponents currently have name recognition. That’s a good thing. We need ordinary citizens in this seat. Its a seat that serves to represent all of MN and the last thing we need is someone who has lived the last 6 years in DC. Dayton served 1 term, Grams served 1 term, its time for someone new after Klobuchar’s 1st term.

    Some of MN’s best Senators had no political experience nor name recognition. Durenberger and Welstone come to mind. It would be very unique to send someone like Hernandez to the Senate. It would be MN’s first Latino Senator.

  • Pauline

    Bob – I 100% agree with your statement. After reviewing the campaign webpage for Anthony Hernandez he is a strong candidate for the Senate seat in 2012.

  • Chris

    You’re right that Durenberger and Wellstone didn’t have much name recognition in their first Senate bids, but they both had quite a bit of political experience. Durenberger was a well-connected corporate lawyer who had been Chief of Staff to Governor LeVander for four years. Wellstone had run for State Auditor, been a DNC member, co-chaired Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign in MN, and I think Perpich had given him some kind of special assistant position.

    Lack of name ID can be overcome, but nobody walks into the U.S. Senate with no political experience at all. Ask Ford Bell and Robert Fitzgerald how well that worked out for them.