Dayton: Shutdown report coming next week

Gov. Dayton says his administration will release a report that details the cost of last summer’s three-week state government shutdown that occurred over the summer.

“I believe they’re finalizing it right now and I’m told I’m going to get a draft over the weekend and it will come out next week,” Dayton told MPR News.

State finance officials have been detailing how much it cost the state of Minnesota to prepare for the shutdown and then close many agencies. Many state agencies were shuttered and thousands of state employees were laid-off after Dayton and the Republican controlled Legislature failed to reach agreement on a budget-balancing plan.

The two sides finalized a budget plan that relied on spending cuts, a plan to delay payments to schools and borrowing against future tobacco payments.

State finance officials announced on Thursday that they sold $757 million of tobacco bonds as a part of the budget solution. The state will end up paying more than $1.2 billion to borrow $640 million.

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