Dayton rejects GOP call to halt union vote

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton sent a letter to House Republican leaders today defending his recent executive order for a unionization vote among some child care providers.

Last week, House Speaker Kurt Zellers, R-Maple Grove, and House Majority Leader Matt Dean, R-Dellwood, sent a letter to Dayton asking him to stop next month’s vote, which they called “misguided.” In his response, Dayton wrote that the leaders’ opposition to unionization made it difficult to discuss the executive order. He also said he was “amazed” by the opposition to the vote.

Dayton said the claim by Zellers and Dean that his order will raise the cost of child care is their opinion and not a fact. The governor also said it was appropriate to limit the vote to the roughly 43 hundred in-home providers who participate in a state-subsidized program.

  • Key word: SOME

    Why are just some of the child care providers being picked out for special treatment?

    That’s not democracy.