Conservative evangelicals gather for “Thanksgiving Family Forum” in Des Moines

Six of the Republican presidential contenders are talking part in Saturday afternoon’s candidates’ forum taking place at a Des Moines church. Mitt Romney is noticeably absent. Romney declined his invitation. The Iowa Family Leader is sponsoring the event. The head of the conservative group is credited with overseeing the successful effort to vote out three Iowa Supreme Court justices in the 2010 elections over the issue of same-sex marriage.

The forum is expected to be a place where Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann will shine. Bachmann claims to be the only “true conservative” in the race. Her campaign has highlighted Mitt Romney’s flip-flop on legalized abortion as well as inconsistencies in Herman Cain’s position on the issue.

On the way into the forum, Kim Schenk of Swea City, IA said she had not yet made up her mind about which candidate to support. She said Bachmann might be making a mistake with her “only true conservative” claim. “I don’t like it when they use words like ‘only’ and I don’t think she’s the only true conservative. No,” said Schenk.

The forum is taking place from 4:00 until 6:00 pm.

  • Bill Prendergast

    Just gotta say: back in fall of 2006, prior to Michele Bachmann’s first election to Congress, I was writing in here…

    …to this very blog, right here…and handing MPR all these Bachmann quotes that are still circulating today, this year, five years later–in national news media…

    …but back then, MPR didn’t want any part of this very real story about how Bachmann was linked to this national evangelical political movement.

    But now (for whatever reason, five years later) it’s okay to tell the MPR audience that Bachmann’s ties to and dependence on the national conservative evangelical movement.

    I’ll never understand Minnesota professional political media. The institutional and personal cowardice and vanity is simply incredible; so astonishing that the salaried political reporters actually *diminish* the information level of the electorate.

    Why did you guys wait until after Bachmann was already in power, on the way up, influencing the composition of the GOP candidacies and the state house–before acknowledging a fact that was proven to you five years ago (the fact that she’s a creature of the national evangelical right, whose first loyalty is to them and not the citizens she’s supposed to be representing?)

    So I’ll make you the same offer that I made here five years ago, right at this same blog. If you actually want to know where Bachmann comes from ideologically, who she really represents and who is responsible for her rise… contact me. The NYT did, CBS did, the New Yorker did, Rolling Stone did–it’s now safe for MPR to do so. I will show you what I showed them, and explain the political realities to you the same way I explained the politicial realities to them. I will show you what Bachmann said, that indicates that she’s a right wing nut, and was educated to be just that.

    Or: you could just go back and read the stuff I’ve been writing for the past five years on various political blogs–but it’s much less time consuming for you guys to call me or write to me. If you do, I’ll take you straight to the answers and evidence (again)–but only if you’ll print it, this time around, instead of spiking it.