Bachmann suggests bias at GOP presidential debate

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign is accusing CBS News of bias during the Saturday night debate hosted by the network.

The campaign says that the network purposefully limited Bachmann’s questions during the gathering of Republican presidential candidates in Spartanburg, S.C.

As evidence, the campaign points to a string of e-mails between John Dickerson, Slate magazine’s chief political correspondent and CBS News political analyst, and others, including Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart, regarding Bachmann’s appearance on a debate related web show.

“Ok let’s keep it loose though because she’s not going to get many questions and she’s nearly off the charts in the hopes that we can get someone else,” says the e-mail sent to the media by Bachmann’s campaign.

The correspondence demonstrates “a planned effort to limit questions to Michele Bachmann at tonight’s CBS / National Journal Debate,” Bachmann’s campaign said in an e-mail to the media.

On his Twitter feed, Dickerson said he was referencing Bachmann’s low standing in the polls, linking to recent surveys on Real Clear Politics.

  • Minnesota Central

    Why doesn’t the Bachmann campaign release written responses to questions that she felt she was not given adequate time to present her response ?

    Sadly, the clock ran out before she could answer the question regarding which military program she would cut (it was in the last half hour of the debate that was not presented on television.)

    Plus, I suspect that veterans would be interested in Ms. Bachmann expanding on her plans to reform Tri-Care.

    As well as her plans to end LBJ’s Great Society programs … plus if she could tell us what “FDC” is and how that is involved in Social Security/Medicare.

  • Derek Wain

    “An email from a CBS producer who predicted that Bachmann would not receive many questions from moderators Scott Pelley and Major Garrett.”

    The email is not a “supposed smoking gun” It proves that CBS intended their anti-Bachmann bias to do what they in fact did: ask Bachmann fewer (60%) questions than asked of Romney and Gingrich. When you predict what in fact you do, then it shows intent, in this case intent of bias.

    A recent SmartPolitics analysis found that former Massachusetts governor and front-runner for the nomination Mitt Romney has spoken for over 73 minutes in the last 5 debates, more than any other candidate. Texas Governor Rick Perry came in second in terms of speaking time at 54 minutes, followed by Bachmann at 41.