Bachmann speech gets “occupied”

WASHINGTON – Michele Bachmann has been criticizing the Occupy Wall Street movement while out on the presidential campaign trail. On Thursday, the movement returned the favor by disrupting a Bachmann speech aboard the decommissioned USS Yorktown in South Carolina, according to NBC News.

A group of about 20 protesters stood up during the speech chanting, “This will only take a minute… You capitalize on dividing Americans / claiming people that disagree with you / are unpatriotic socialists / and you promote discrimination.”

Video of the encounter shows some in the audience trying to shout the protesters down followed by police escorting Bachmann off stage. The protesters then left the ship chanting, “We are the 99 percent.”

A few minutes later Bachmann returned to the stage, “visibly rattled” according to NBC, and telling the audience, “Don’t you just love the First Amendment?”

You can watch the whole incident here:

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  • Derek Wain

    This shows the violent and totalitarian core at the heart of the radical Left, which talks about free speech but insists on silencing those with whom they disagree: “Free speech for me, but not for thee.”

    These OWS nihilist hooligans have taken their cue from Princess Pelosi and Hussein Obama, both of whom have praised them. Bachmann has been the most courageous and honorable of the political class for labeling the OWS crowd for what it is: an organized mob of Communists and other radicals who want something for nothing.

  • Brian

    At least the Occupiers didn’t spit on any lawmakers like the Tea Party protester did. I think the Occupy movement has beautifully avoided being co-opted by the democrats, Unions and Whale savers. Keep on with The Occupation. Remember, Democrats are 50% of the problem.

  • Minnesota Central

    Two thoughts.

    #1. What does this say about the ability of the Bachmann campaign to “pack” the hall with favorable supporters that 20 people were able to get “prime seats” … and that they were able to co-ordinate their efforts. When Ms. Bachmann returned, the crowd looked thin.

    #2. How sad is it that the Potential-Commander-in-Chief makes what was billed as a “major policy speech” and the only write-up (on the Daily Digest at least) is about the antics of the 20 and no mention (or link) to the speech. I believe that one of the major television networks ran footage of the protestors but also made no mention of the contents of the speech.

    IMO, the nature of the Senate filibuster rules makes the President virtually irrelevant on domestic policy, so Foreign Policy is the issue that the President should be judged on. How can we judge Potential-Commander-in-Chief Bachmann if the coverage of her views and knowledge is not fully explored ?