Bachmann reiterates jobs plan in new web video

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann starts her more than seven minute video referring to the millions of unemployed Americans saying, “The President’s government-directed, temporary gimmicks aren’t working.” Instead, Bachmann says, “What we need is permanent free-market solutions that spur economic growth which will allow America’s businesses, both small and large, to start hiring again.”

Below are the ideas Bachmann emphasizes in her video, which ends will an appeal for campaign cash.

1. Repatriate US businesses foreign earnings

2. “Massively” cut government spending\

3. Repeal “Obamacare”

4. Reform tax code, cut taxes on job creators

5. Repeal Dodd-Frank Act

6. “Legalize” American energy production

7. Repeal “job killing” regulations

8. Increase exports

9. “Unleash” investment

10. Increase innovation/ Enforce immigration laws

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