Zellers and House GOP go hunting for dough

GOP House Speaker Kurt Zellers and the House Republican Campaign Committee will be hunting for more than big dollar contributions today. Zellers and GOP House Majority Leader Matt Dean are headlining a Pheasant Hunt Fundraiser for the HRCC. The event, which is at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake, is hosted by Pawn America CEO Brad Rixman. It will also feature Minnesota Bound host Ron Schara, who is also a member of the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council.

A fundraising invite obtained by MPR News says a $5,000 contribution will allow a donor to bring along three other hunters. They will also be joined by a legislator. A $2,500 contribution will allow a donor to bring along one other hunter. A lawmaker will also join them on the hunt. Individual hunters can give $1,000. Those preferring not to hunt can pay $250 to attend a cocktail reception.

Rixman has donated large sums to the HRCC in the past. He gave the HRCC $20,000 during the 2010 election cycle. Donors can give unlimited amounts to political party units and outside groups.

The hunt starts at 2:30.