The Daily Digest (Uncertainty over Legacy spending, Dayton to talk Jobs Summit, Will Vikes stadium create jobs?)

MPR takes an in-depth look at how public reporting on how the state’s Legacy Fund are being spent are lagging.


Gov. Dayton holds a news conference this morning to discuss his jobs summit. He will also be on MPR’s Midday at 11.

MPR says the governor’s summit starts the conversation on job creation.

Several businesses said at the jobs summit that they can’t find qualified workers.

The Star Tribune says Delta paid back a $175 million loan to the Metropolitan Airports Commission – sparking job fears.

The MPCA Board approved the Keetac expansion.

Vikings Stadium

The builder of the Vikings stadium says the stadium can be built by 2015.

Jobs are a key issue in the debate over the stadium. MPR takes a look at the numbers.

Vikings cornerback Chris Cook was charged with felony domestic assault.


The Special Redistricting Panel will hold the first round of oral arguments today on the best way to draw the state’s political boundaries. The five judge panel has been appointed to draw a new set of lines if the GOP controlled Legislature and Gov. Dayton can’t agree on a new map by February 21. Today’s hearing will focus on the principles the panel should consider when drawing the map. Democrats and Republicans have hired high-priced legal talent to argue their case on behalf of the parties.

Under the Dome

Democrat Jeff Hayden was sworn in as the newest member of the Minnesota Senate.

Health agencies challenge the state law that cuts payments for personal help.


A new study says the flu vaccine is not as effective as thought.


A new poll says Congressional approval is at all-time low of 9%

McClatchy says “President Barack Obama and his point man on Iraq, Vice President Joe Biden, remained aloof from the process, not even phoning top Iraqi officials to help reach a deal, according to logs released by the U.S. Embassy here.”

President Obama released a plan to ease student loan burdens.

GOP Rep. John Kline said the consolidation can create a “pretty big slush fund.”

Federal prosecutors are expected to file criminal charges today against a business executive for insider trading.

The CBO says top earners doubled their share of the nation’s income over the last three decades.

MPR says A tax holiday could return $20 billion in overseas profits to the U.S.

The New York Times says venture capitalists are putting their money on easing medical device rules. GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen is mentioned.

DFL Sen. Al Franken touts the education bill and the amendments that he put on the measure.

Franken also shifted tactics on the LGBT student protection bill.


Europe faces new hurdles in the crisis over debt.

Race for U.S. Senate

Anthony Hernandez, a 32-year-old St. Paul resident, is the latest Republican to announce he’s challenging DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Race for President

President Obama appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night.

Rick Perry released his plan to help fix the economy and change the nation’s tax code. It clashes with Mitt Romney’s plan.

Here’s the full text of Perry’s speech.

CNN says Perry’s simple tax plan is not that simple.

Bachmann alleges Perry is using her plan.

In Ohio, Mitt Romney wouldn’t say whether he supports two ballot measures – one dealing with collective bargaining rights changes passed by Republicans earlier this year, and another that would prevent the state from participating in health care mandates. Slate reports.

Romney won’t be attending the Ronald Reagan dinner in Iowa Nov. 4

Perry also released his first ad in Iowa.

Pat Robertson says the GOP field may be too extreme.

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