The Daily Digest (Minneapolis makes Vikings push, Jobs Summit this week, Bachmann relies on homeschoolers)

Jobs and the Economy lead the Digest.

Gov. Dayton holds his jobs summit on Tuesday.

The New York Times says President Obama will take a number of executive-branch actions to confront the economy.

The head of the Minneapolis Fed sees a slow recovery ahead.

The Eagan headquarters of Mesaba Airlines will close next year.

CNN says Europe’s leaders are nearing a debt solution.

Under the Dome

Two House Committees will hold hearings tonight in St. Cloud and Rochester on efforts to unionize at-home day care. Gov. Dayton has not decided whether he’ll issue an executive order allowing at-home day care providers to vote on joining a union.

Vikings Stadium

Gov. Dayton meets with Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and City Council President Barb Johnson this morning.

Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch appeared on WCCO’s Sunday Morning. Koch said “I would have to look at any kind of deal but I would like a referendum in Ramsey County.”

Tidbit: Notice how Koch said the Vikings are “a part of our history and our heritage for 50 years” several times during the q and a? Republicans are talking about using Legacy money for the stadium.

Gov. Dayton spoke on the likelihood of building the stadium in Arden Hills.

The Star Tribune says there is a new push to put the stadium in Minneapolis.


Oral arguments on redistricting criteria will be held on Wednesday.

The New York Times says the battle to draw the boundaries goes to the courts.

Same-sex marriage amendment

AP says Minnesota’s companies are sitting on the sidelines.

MPR reports that Oral Roberts gay grandson will preach tolerance in Minnesota.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warns Iran to not misread the U.S. departure from Iraq.

Clinton’s comments come two days after President Obama said the war in Iraq is over.

Minnesota’s delegation reacts to the decision.

The Washington Post says President Obama’s effort to aid homeowners and boost the housing market fall short of goals.

Politico reports that 200 companies and special interests have filed to lobby the Super Committee.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar is set to unveil the next phase of the jobs bill.

Klobuchar, DFL Sen. Al Franken and DFL Rep. Tim Walz are pushing the White House on the Lewis and Clark water pipeline.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison warns fellow Democrats about rushing to embrace the Occupy Wall St. movement. He said the protesters need to find their political leaders on their own timeline.

Party politics

The Star Tribune profiles Alida Messinger – a big-time DFL donor.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley will be in the Twin Cities on Thursday to appear at a fundraiser with Gov. Dayton. The two will raise money for the Democratic Governors Association.

Race for President

MPR reports that Iowa’s homeschool advocates could help GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann win that state.

Bachmann says Iraq must reimburse the U.S. for the war.

Bachmann dismissed the idea of giving up in New Hampshire.

ABC News says some of Bachmann’s staffers haven’t been paid for a month.

The Star Tribune says Bachmann taps into repeat donations.

Bachmann also defended her health care policy during an appearance in Iowa.

Bachmann says Herman Cain flip-flops on policy.

The New York Times says Cain came to Washington D.C. as a lobbyist.

Ron Paul calls for the end to federal student loan program.

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