The Daily Digest (GOP looks at Legacy $ for stadium, Competitive bidding saves $240(m), Group releases redistricting plan)

MPR is reporting that there is increasing talk among Republicans in the House and Senate that the Arts and Cultural Heritage money raised from Legacy Amendment money should be used to pay for the Vikings stadium.

WCCO takes a look at why Gov. Dayton wants a “Walk Away clause” in the Vikings stadium deal.

Fox9 says two lawmakers hold a news conference today to urge the Vikings to take the Metrodome for $1. The Vikings rejected the idea.

The city of Foley will hire a private security firm to patrol city streets. City officials say they made the move because of state budget cuts.

Minnesota’s jobless rate dropped to 6.9% but employers cut 7,400 jobs.

The U.S. unemployment rate also dropped slightly.

MPR profiles Kathy Tunheim – an unelected, unpaid adviser to Gov. Dayton on job creation.

Gov. Dayton spoke to the Duluth Chamber of Commerce on Thursday night.

The Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board voted Thursday to cut in half the amount to be given back to taconite plants for reinvestment in their infrastructure.

Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jessen says the state will save $240 million from competitive bidding on managed care contracts.

The feds found invasive carp DNA in the Twin Cities – which could spark a political battle on how to handle the fish.

Dayton also riled up union members at the Education Minnesota conference.


Draw the Line Minnesota submitted a redistricting plan that shakes up the state’s political boundaries.


The Senate voted to block votes on the Jobs bill.

The Washington Post’s Fact-Checker said Vice-President Biden’s claims on rising rape rates is false.

The federal government released rules on how the federal health care law will work.

The Washington Post reports that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s compelling family story embellishes facts.

Tidbit: Rubio is considered a possible candidate for vice-president

DFL Sen. Al Fanken successfully attached an amendment to a bill that would change the No Child Left Behind standards. Franken says the measure would better gauge student results.

GOP Rep. John Kline says he’ll support efforts to bar the EPA from regulating farm dust.


Moammar Gadhafi, Libya’s dictator for 42 years until he was ousted in an uprising-turned-civil war, was killed Thursday.

U.S. Senate Race

Republican Dan Severson tells the St. Cloud Times that he raised $37,500 in the 3rd Quarter.

Party Politics

David Fitzsimmons dropped his bid to be Deputy Chair of the Minnesota Republican Party. Fitzsimmons, the 6th District Chair, also served as Tom Emmer’s campaign manager in the 2010 election. He sent an e-mail to GOP delegates on Thursday night.

Race for President

Politico says the Iowa landscape tempts Mitt Romney.

The New York Times says Romney will compete in Iowa.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann spoke to the Commonwealth Club of California on Thursday.

Bachmann says the world is better off without Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Bachmann, however, stands by her position that the U.S. should not have had any military involvement in the country.

The Des Moines Register posts five questions with Bachmann.

Bachmann and Rick Santorum hammer Herman Cain on his abortion comments.

Cain tweaked his 9-9-9 plan.

  • Jamie

    Why do you make a big deal about Tunheim being “unelected”? Probably a majority of any governor’s advisors are “unelected.” It seems you’re making some kind of judgment about this, with “unelected” appearing as one of the first few words in the lead sentence in the online and broadcast stories, as well as your item here in Capitol View.

  • Minnesota Central

    Buried in the Mankato Free Press article is …

    Farm dust regulation has been a major topic in the Midwest and a rallying point for Republicans calling for less regulation. The EPA has denied “the myth” and the agency head officially told Congress last week it wouldn’t regulate farm dust.

    So Mr. Kline’s pledge to support efforts to bar the EPA from doing something that it does not plan on doing seems rather waste of time … which makes the other story that Senator Franken is actively getting amendments to the No Child Left Behind legislation relevant …. WHY isn’t Mr. Kline in Washington holding hearings on the NCLB legislation … he still has two major components of his legislation that he has not formed into legislation while the Senate has been voting all week on the mark-up … I believe the Senate wants a vote during the week of November 8th.

    Mr. Kline proves the tag “DoNothing” applies to the Republican-controlled House.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    The Washington Post reports that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s compelling family story embellishes facts.

    Trump blows up; Bachmann blows up; Perry blows up; Cain is a Koch Brothers shill; Romney flip-flops on everything. Now Rubio fakes his family history. It’s tough to be a Republican these days, doubting you can trust any of your pols.