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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where Dayton says he’ll release a stadium plan by early November, we look at how Minnesota cities are saving cash facing cuts in state aid, and Bachmann comes home for a fundraiser.

Around Minnesota

Gov. Mark Dayton says be plans to have his perferred stadium plan released by the second week in November.

Dayton also met yesterday with Block E developer Bob Lux.

Short of state aid, Grand Rapids is finding new ways to save cash.

Meanwhile, Foley, Minn., is outsourcing its security to save $80,000.

A tight state budget could mean public sector job losses.

The new federal health care law faces a court date in Minnesota today.

The Associated Press reports that Dayton has applied for more federal education grants.

Minnesota hospitals are applauding an Obama administration decision to cut red tape in Medicare and Medicaid.

One in 17 bridges in the Twin Cities is “structurally deficient,” according to a new report.

Rep. Tim Walz was in the state Tuesday touring conservation land.

U.S. Senate candidate Joe Arwood raised $10,534 over the last three months. He wants the Republican endorsement to run against Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who made nearly $1 million in the same period of time.

In Washington

Rep. Betty McCollum hosted a meeting about the Vikings stadium in Washington, D.C.

Former Minnesota Attorney General Hubert “Skip” Humphrey III is joining the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

After failing a procedural vote last week, Politico reports that the Senate is poised to take up part of President Barack Obama’s jobs bill again this week.

On the Campaign Trail

A new Associated Press poll shows that half of Americans say that Obama doesn’t deserve to be re-elected.

The Washington Post reports that, between his campaign and the Democratic National Committee, Obama raised more money from financial sector employees than all the other GOP candidates.

Rep. Michele Bachmann is among the GOP presidential candidates who wants to build a fence on the nation’s southern border. But it could be very costly. The GOP’s talk about immigration may alienate some Hispanic voters, the New York Times reports.

Bachmann will be in Minnesota for a fundraising event later this month.

She picked up an endorsement after the debate in Nevada.

For his part, Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley says he’s not going to endorse any of the GOP candidates.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will include a flat tax in his economic plan.

Sparks flew between Perry and Mitt Romney during Tuesday’s GOP debate. But the two have never had a good relationship, according to the New York Times.

The Associated Press put claims from the Tuesday night GOP debate to the truth test.

Politico reports that Nevada will likely have its caucus in Feburary, possibly the 4th.

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