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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where the Vikings Stadium gets a deadline, Bachmann and Trump team up for a conference call, and Obama sells his jobs plan, campaign style.

Around Minnesota

Gov. Mark Dayton set a deadline of Nov. 23 to act on the Vikings Stadium. Dayton is scheduled to meet today with officials from the National Football League to discuss the stadium.

Dayton will be interviewed by Cathy Wurzer at 7:15 a.m. this morning.

Later in the day, Dayton will convene a regional economic development summit in St. Cloud.

Last night, Dayton asked the state’s business leaders to help his administration solve problems facing the state.

Minnesota is gaining from North Dakota’s growing economy.

There are two special elections today.

In Washington

Agricultural committee leaders in Congress are recommending $23 billion in cuts to farm programs.

The loss of one farm subsidy could lead to another.

The Occupy Wall Street protests are one-month old.

The Big Story Blog has been following the protests.

Citigroup’s earnings are up 74 percent since last year.

The Obama administration considered a cyberoffensive against the Qaddafi government.

Obama talks jobs in North Carolina and Virginia, two states he narrowly won in 2008. He’ll continue his tour today, setting the tone for the 2012 election.

On the Campaign Trail

Rep. Michele Bachmann and real estate mogul Donald Trump got together for a teleconference with supporters. You can hear the entire thing here.

Trump said he didn’t know he was participating until a reporter told him.

The Washington Post highlights winners and losers in the 3rd quarter fundraising cycle. Bachmann is mentioned.

In Arizona, Bachmann applauded local officials for their efforts to control illegal immigration.

The New York Times says she’s trying to reconnect in Iowa.

Ron Paul details his plan to cut federal dollars.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s use of a private jet is raising concerns, according to the Times.

Herman Cain spent more than $36,000 in campaign dollars to buy copies of his book from his company.

ABC reports that, while a crowd in Nevada was excited to see Mitt Romney, it was his surrogate, Tim Pawlenty, who got the crowed pumped up.

The Iowa GOP Party’s State Central Committee approved a motion to hold Iowa’s caucuses on Jan. 3. New Hampshire is the only state without a date for its nominating event.

Jeff Anderson, who is seeking the DFL’s endorsement in the 8th Congressional District, has secured an endorsement from the Minnesota Firefighters.

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