The Daily Digest (State faces another budget deficit, Bachmann speaks to Values Voters, Some Republicans work to defeat amendment)

State Economist Tom Stinson told MPR News that Minnesota is likely to face another budget deficit when the November forecast is released.

“It’s going to be difficult, maybe even impossible, for us to not have a shortfall in November,” Stinson said.

State budget cuts are forcing a southeast Minnesota dental clinic that serves the needy to close its doors.

Gov. Dayton holds a jobs summit in Duluth today.

Tidbit: Dayton is also scheduled to speak to AFSCME’s annual convention. The event is closed press.

Debt collections businesses have been fined.

The extension service closes offices.

The National Guard has been called in to help fight a fire in northwestern MN.

St. Paul property taxes go down for a few but up for many.

3M found elevated levels of PFCs in Woodbury wells.

Same-sex marriage amendment

Several prominent Republicans join the effort to defeat the marriage amendment.


The MN House Redistricting Chair says there is still time for the Legislature to pass a map into law.

The Minnesota Redistricting case will be argued on January 4.

Occupy Wall St.

CNN asks whether the group is the Tea Party to the left.

The Occupy Wall St. protests come to Minnesota today. MPR’s Midday did a show on the group on Thursday.


President Obama challenges Republicans on the jobs bill.

Obama’s jobs bill may offer hope for Minnesota’s unemployed.

Some of Obama’s claims miss some evidence.

The federal loans chief resigns amid the Solyndra crisis.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid invoked the “nuclear option” to end repeat filibusters.

The Obama Administration plans to accelerate the permit process for a Wisconsin-Minnesota power line.

There’s a mad scramble to analyze the “Volcker rule.”

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann rolls out a fetal heartbeat bill.

The head of the AFL-CIO criticized GOP Rep. John Kline’s labor bill.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison supports the Wall St. protesters.

Race for President

Mitt Romney is rounding up support from key GOP donors.

A poll shows Herman Cain is surging.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison urged his Twitter followers to look at Cain’s record.

“Do not dismiss Herman Cain,” Ellison wrote. “Given his recent surge, he deserves real scrutiny. You’d be shocked if you examined what he stands for.”

The Washington Post has this look at Cain.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann speaks to the Values Voters Summit tonight.

The Atlantic says it will be her last pitch to the religious right.

Bachmann continues to attack Rick Perry – saying he used a jobs fund to reward his backers.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    The MN House Redistricting Chair says there is still time for the Legislature to pass a map into law.

    If Capitol View had a Humor Section, this item would top of page. No Democrat will respond to Sarah Anderson. She’s a joke. Her proposed re-districting map was so ridiculously gerrymandered it would have made Elbridge Gerry blush. Her hearings on redistricting were a farce, and her tantrums during them are still available, filed under Comedy, on YouTube.