The Daily Digest (Fight over mineral rights, parties line up arguments over redistricting, Bachmann says ‘I agree’ to impeachment suggestion)

Gov. Dayton and other members of the state’s Executive Council hold a hearing today to discuss the issue of mineral rights on private land. MPR looks at how the state Department of Natural Resources has offered four mining companies the lease rights to the minerals beneath the homes of people in northern Minnesota. The Star Tribune says it’s a last ditch effort by the landowners to stop the leases.

Proposed Ely mine hired firms to prep the project for review.

Gov. Dayton’s jobs summit will be held on October 25.

The Pi Press reports that 21 people have been laid off at the Department of Human Services.

The Pi Press also says the public was a no show on MnDOT’s 50 year vision.

Senate Higher Ed Chair Michelle Fischbach and other Republicans will visit some of the state’s higher education institutions today.


The five-judge panel takes another round of public testimony tonight. The court kicked off the first of its eight public hearings in Bloomington last night. MPR takes a look at one of the main battles between Democrats and Republicans: the definition of communities of interest.

Same-sex marriage amendment

The Campaign Finance Board says groups working on ballot initiatives have to provider greater information when it comes to disclosure. Supporters of the amendment say they won’t oblige.

Vikings Stadium

The Legislature is waiting for the stadium feasibility study.

Ramsey County Medical Examiner

The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office will further review a case involving the medical examiner’s disputed testimony.


Fed Chair Ben Bernanke told Congress that sluggish growth is ahead for the economy.

Congress voted to keep the lights on – for now.

President Obama singles out House Majority Leader Eric Cantor as the obstacle to passing the jobs bill.

Republicans are accusing Attorney General Eric Holder of misleading Congress and are looking to appoint a special counsel to investigate him.

GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack wrote on Twitter that he supports the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Holder.

Drug abusers are exploiting the Medicare drug benefit.

A poll says the well off are ok with raising taxes.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen makes the pitch for the Free Trade Agreements.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison is praising the “Occupy Wall St.” campers.

DFL Sen. Al Franken is sponsoring legislation that would allow consumers to sue their cell phone carrier.

The feds find money for the state’s wolf control program. DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar is mentioned.

Race for Congress

Daniel Fanning is the 4th Democrat to announce he’s running in Minnesota’s 8th District.

Race for President

New Jersey Chris Christie says he won’t run (again).

Politico says Christie’s exit means it’s “Mitt’s moment” to lock up the nomination.

Romney ripped Rick Perry on Social Security at a Florida retirement home.

Romney will give a foreign policy speech on Friday.

Perry reportedly raised $15 million in the last quarter.

A CBS poll shows Perry sliding and Herman Cain rising.

CBS News is reporting that GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann told a member of the audience in Iowa that “I agree” when he suggested Congress impeach President Obama. Bachmann’s spokeswoman later said she doesn’t agree with the impeachment of the president but agrees that people are “frustrated.”

Bachmann arrived late to a fundraising event in Iowa. She arrived only after a group of Grinnell students were cordoned off from the event.

Bachmann also said her staff changes were planned.

Politico reports that Sarah Palin’s law firm is calling several states to ask about filing deadlines.

A few Pawlenty supporters in Florida are now backing Romney.

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