The Daily Digest

Welcome to Tuesday’s Daily Digest, where we get a preview of the redistricting battle, we have another candidate in the 8th Congressional district, and we learn that Rep. Michele Bachmann is losing her pollster and a top adviser.

Around Minnesota

A court-appointed panel will hold a hearing on the best way to redraw the state’s political boundaries. MPR reports that the political parties are relying on third party groups to raise unlimited amounts of cash for redistricting. The fundraising does not have to be disclosed.

Daniel Fanning, who worked for Sen. Al Franken, is looking to defeat Rep. Chip Cravaack in the 8th.

A survey predicts layoffs are coming to Minnesota’s factories.

Two state senators lay out their views on efforts to unionize child care workers.

The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office will do further investigation into a case involving medical examiner’s false testimony.

A $1.9 million federal grant will boost mining and steel businesses in Northeastern Minnesota.

In Washington

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid says his chamber will vote on President Barack Obama’s jobs bill later this month (even though they don’t have the votes at the moment).

House leaders say voting on the entire package is a no-go.

Reps. John Kline and Collin Peterson have introduced a bill to control the cormorant population.

Reps. Erik Paulsen and Jim Gerlach say a new medical device tax could cost 40,000 jobs.

Rep. Keith Ellison talks about his trip to the Middle East.

A schism over climate change is forming within the Republican party.

Administration officials have worried about Solyndra, the now defunct solar equipment manufacturer that got government loans, for a while.

The White House is asking Congress to approve three long-awaited free trade deals.

On the Campaign Trail

Bachmann is losing two top staffers.

Doug Sachtleben, her congressional press secretary who transferred to the campaign several months ago, is back in Washington as is her scheduler, Kimberley Rubin.

Despite the shake-up, Bachmann’s announced a New Hampshire bus tour starting Sunday, Oct. 9.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry spent tens of millions in taxpayer money to bring mortgage companies to the state. Within four years, the banks were out of business, Associated Press reports.

Homeschoolers are becoming an important voting bloc in Iowa.

More than half of Americans think a Republican will win the White House in 2012.

Obama says he’s the underdog going into the 2012 campaign.

While the GOP candidates focus on early primary and caucus states, Obama’s launching a 50 state strategy.

Key graf: “Having avenues of support in non-traditional Democratic patches could be the only way to victory.”

Perry’s gone silent on the hunting camp story.

Residents near the camp say they still support Perry.

South Carolina will bump its primary date to January 21, once again pushing the entire schedule forward.

A new Washington Post-ABC survey has Herman Cain rising in the polls.

Where Football and Politics Collide

USAToday reports that ESPN dropped Hank Williams Jr. from its Monday Night Football telecast after Williams likened Obama to Hitler.

Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian called Rep. John Kriesel, R-Cottage Grove, to apologize for comments he made on Twitter.

Moving On Up

Chris Van Guilder has been promoted to Deputy Communications Director for the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus.