More Bachmann staffers leave campaign

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s senior advisor, Andy Parrish, is returning to his old job as chief of staff in Bachmann’s congressional office. Parrish relocated this past summer to the Des Moines, Iowa, area to work for the campaign full-time.

Two other congressional staffers, Doug Sachtleben and Kimberley Rubin, who handled press and scheduling tasks in Bachmann’s Washington, D.C. office, also have left the campaign, according to Bachmann’s 2012 campaign spokeswoman Alice Stewart.

Since Texas Gov. Rick Perry got into the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Bachmann’s standing in most polls has plunged. Last month, Bachmann lost her high-profile campaign manager, Ed Rollins, leading to speculation that she was running short on campaign cash.

Stewart said the latest staff changes were not forced by a lack of money and instead were part of the “plan all along.” Stewart said Parrish, Sachtleben and Rubin took temporary leaves from Bachmann’s congressional office to help “staff-up” Bachmann’s campaign in Iowa and in New Hampshire.

Earlier, it was reported that Bachmann pollster Ed Goeas also plans to leave the campaign.

Bachmann’s campaign has said that Rollins’ departure was due to his poor health and that his main role was to help Bachmann secure her Ames Straw Poll victory in mid-August.

Stewart said said while the three former congressional staffers are headed back to their old jobs, Bachmann’s presidential campaign has added other staff and is, “on track to execute its strategy.”

UPDATE: It is unclear whether Parrish is assuming his previous chief-of-staff role in Bachmann’s congressional office. Stewart says only that Parrish and the others are returning to Bachmann’s congressional office.

UPDATE: Bachmann’s congressional spokeswoman Becky Rogness tells MPR News Parrish will take on the role of “Special Projects Coordinator” at Bachmann’s congressional office.

  • The revolving door continues … as a taxpayer my only concern is how Congresswoman Bachmann spends her MRA … look at how she handled Julie Quist moving her from the Congressional Staff to her campaign staff at a lower pay rate and then back to her Congressional Staff after the election … and then Mrs. Quist got a big bonus … IMO making up for the missed wages. Bonus and wages are controlled by the Congresswoman and not subject to review by anyone other than citizens that complain about Wasteful Spending on staff.

    For more details, see on Mrs. Quist and other staff, here is a link to my blog entry.