McCollum hosts Vikings meeting in DC

WASHINGTON – Gov. Dayton is three weeks away from offering his plan for a new Vikings stadium in Ramsey County. Today, DFL Rep. Betty McCollum organized a meeting in Washington, DC between county and federal officials to discuss details of how the U.S. government might transfer the site that’s under consideration, the former Army ammunition plant in Arden Hills that’s now operated by the National Guard.

According to McCollum, the meeting focused on issues such as where the boundary lines between the stadium parcel, sites for future development and a smaller National Guard facility might be, as well as a proposed wildlife corridor and park space. She expected the county and federal officials to reach an agreement about those boundaries by next week.

“When this project advances, the investments made will go a long way to secure the long-term economic well-being of the entire Twin Cities Metropolitan area,” said McCollum.

Of course it’s still up to the Legislature and governor as to whether and how the project advances.

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