Make that two endorsements…

Earlier today, House Majority Leader Matt Dean announced he’s backing Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann in her bid for the White House.

It turns out she has support from another Minnesota legislator: Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch.

Here’s what Koch had to say about Bachmann:

“From serving as a state senator to her terms in the United States Congress, as well as owning and operating her family business, Michele has demonstrated she has what it takes to stand up against big government and put forth the necessary policies to create a pro-growth economy that our country so desperately needs right now. She has it right on boosting job creation, she has it right on cutting government spending, she has it right on investing in innovation. I can’t think of another candidate in this race that would be more equipped to turnaround the economy than Michele. That’s why she has my endorsement.”

And here’s the quote from Dean in the Bachmann press release:

“America needs a leader that won’t waiver on the vital issues that matter most to Americans – job creation, cutting spending and getting our national debt under control so our children can have a better, more prosperous future. Michele is that leader; I am honored to endorse her candidacy for President of the United States.”

Bachmann made a quick stop in Minnesota last night for a fundraiser in downtown Minneapolis.