Dayton’s stadium presser

Gov. Mark Dayton will be on Morning Edition with Cathy Wurzer this morning, following a meeting on the Vikings stadium in his office yesterday.

Senate Republican Majority Leader Amy Koch and House Speaker Kurt Zellers were there, as was DFL Minority Leader Tom Bakk. House Minority Leader Paul Thissen was out of town, but the caucus was represented by Deputy Minority Leader Deb Hilstrom and Minority Whip Terry Morrow. Also on hand were Metropolitan Council chair Susan Haigh and Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission chair Ted Mondale.

Here’s the crux of what Dayton said about the November 23rd deadline he gave the Legislature”

“My view of the situation is that there are all of these ideas and proposals and people for and people again, and its become a circular process where, without a deadline, and without without legislators knowing that they have to vote on a date certain on a stadium plan, that we won’t have a plan. Conversely, it’s not appropriate or fair to ask them to vote on a plan without them knowing what it is. So, to try to force these questions to resolution, so that there is a definitive proposal, one that is supported by the Vikings, by the state, myself included, and by the local partner, this process, I believe, is the way to do so.”

You can listen to the full audio 21 min. of Dayton’s press conferencehere.

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