Coleman to lead new Super PAC

Former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman is leading a new fundraising operation called the Congressional Leadership Fund.

Its mission? To get candidates “who promote the values of the center right majority” in Congress, according to the group’s bare-bones website.

Coleman will serve as chairman of the so-called Super PAC’s board of directors.

Politico, which broke the story, writes that Vin Weber, another Minnesota political heavyweight, will be involved in the group as well.

Both Coleman and Weber have lined up behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as advisers to the campaign.

Super PACs are fundraising operations that can raise unlimited amounts of money from corporations, unions and individuals and spend the money, for instance, on ads that favor certain candidates. However, they must disclose their donors and they may not coordinate with the campaign.

Coleman is chairman of the board for the American Action Network, a non-profit that can raise a lot of money as well, but must advocate mostly for issues.

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