Candidates start lining up to replace Pogemiller

Several Democrats have already announced that they intend to run to replace DFL Sen. Larry Pogemiller. The Minneapolis seat is being vacated because Pogemiller has been appointed to run the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

Peter Wagenius, who works in Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak’s office, announced tonight that he’s running for the seat. Wagenius is running on a campaign that that the GOP controlled Legislature is doing too much harm to middle income Minnesotans (and cities and counties).

“The people of Senate District 59 want to know that State Government is on their side, that action is being taken to improve the economy for everyone,” Wagenius said in a news release. “But instead they see cuts to jobs, schools and services that people depend on. They see a tax system that tilts more and more against the middle class. That’s wrong – and we need to stand up and fight. ”

Wagenius is no stranger to the Legislature. His mother is DFL Rep. Jean Wagenius, who was first elected in 1986.

Peter Wagenius will be vying for the DFL endorsement with DFL activist Jacob Frey. He announced on Friday that he was running for the seat.

One candidate who is not running for the Minnesota Senate is DFL Rep. Diane Loeffler.

“Seniority is important in the Legislature, Loffer said in a news release. “And walking away from four terms of seniority to the back of the line in a new body would be a restart that has consequences for both me and our area.

So I have decided to stay enthusiastically serving our community and our city in the House of Representatives. While the four year term of the Senate was tempting, running every other year keeps me connected to the people I serve.”

Gov. Dayton has announced the special election will be held on January 10, 2012. The special primary, if needed, will take place on December 6, 2011.

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