Bachmann kicks off 3 day swing through northwestern Iowa

Rep. Michele Bachmann is due back in Iowa today for a series of appearances between today and Saturday.

Bachmann spokesman Eric Woolson said the areas Bachmann will be visiting are, “very heavily Republican territory and very important in terms of the caucuses.” Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses are tentatively scheduled for January 3.

Bachmann will be talking about jobs and the economy at each of her six stops over the next few days, Woolson said.

“The focus is going to be on her economic blueprint on how to create American jobs now,” said Woolson.

He said Bachmann planned to emphasize different components of her economic plan at each stop. He also said Bachmann would be doing interviews with local reporters during her latest Iowa campaign swing.

Bachmann leaves Iowa on Saturday but will be back in one week for an Iowa faith and Freedom Coalition candidates forum in Ames.

  • wayne

    Where do I find the Bachmann economic PLAN? I have reviewed her eceonomic GOALS, all 11 of them. For example, one GOAL is “to create jobs to get the economy moving”, but there is no PLAN on how she will create jobs. Sorry, Michelle, the mantra about cutting spending and reducing taxes doen’t cut it anymore. Give us details!