The Daily Digest

Welcome to the Daily Digest, where we take a look at some new GOP presidential polls, Ramsey County residents speak out on the proposed stadium deal, and we wonder how it’s possible to steal hundreds of pigs.

Around Minnesota

An alternative for No Child Left Behind is still taking shape.

Last week, 37 people were arrested in Minnesota as part of a nation-wide immigration sweep.

The GOP gears up for redistricting.

The PoliGraph says state Sen. Julianne Ortman’s claim about property taxes is accurate.

Rep. Tim Walz was peppered with questions while meeting with constituents in Austin.

He attended a postal worker rally in Mankato.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is recruiting Minnesota businesses to promote a crude oil pipeline from Canada to Texas.

Voters in Alexandria approved a property tax hike to pay for a new $65 million high school.

So far, fighting the fire in BWCA has cost at least $11 million.

The state’s campaign finance board released a draft report detailing when groups are required to disclose donors who give in support or opposition of a ballot initiative.

Transportation officials say there is no deadline for finalizing funding plans for a new St. Croix bridge.

Mining may bring jobs to northern Minnesota – and environmental challenges as well.

On Wednesday, Ramsey County taxpayers hammered the Vikings stadium deal at a public hearing.

In Washington

The Obama administration wants the Supreme Court to uphold the new health care law.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke thinks long-term unemployment is a “national crisis.”

Ron Suskind, author of Confidence Men, a book that explores dysfunction within Obama’s first economic team, will be chatting with Kerri Miller on Midmorning today.

On the Campaign Trail

Rep. Michele Bachmann spoke to students at Liberty University in Virginia, a conservative Christian school.

New polls show Bachmann losing ground in Florida and Texas Gov. Rick Perry slipping into second place behind Mitt Romney.

A Fox News poll shows that 3 percent of likely Republican primary voters would like to see Bachmann as the party’s nominee.

But a separate poll shows Bachmann running second to Romney in Iowa among likely caucus goers.

She’ll be back in Iowa next Monday.

But she’s making a stop in North Carolina first, specifically in the Charlotte area. Think banking industry and conservative voters. Perry will be there, too.

Perry apologized for saying that people who don’t think in-state tuition should be given to undocumented students “don’t have a heart.”

It appears Perry’s wife has influence on her husband’s policy decisions.

New primary rules could mean the GOP nominating process will go on for months.

Politico says the calendar favors Romney.

As if the primary season isn’t going to be complicated enough with Florida and now Nevada likely moving up their dates.

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura wants to be Ron Paul’s running mate.

On a final note, I’m soliciting theories on how one steals hundreds of pigs.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    My inner sadist enjoys the spectacle, as the remorseless quicksand of irrelevancy slowly swallows the circus act that is Jesse Ventura. It’s truly selfless of you media jackals to keep pushing him back toward the surface.

  • jonerik

    The theft of the pigs might be easier to explain or understand if we had more facts. E.g. did the farmer keep the pigs at a feed lot while he or she lived in town? 750 pigs sounds a lot like a feed lot operation and if the feed lot was far away from any residence or business office, it’s not hard to imagine some rustlers could herd the pigs onto some semis and take off with them. But more facts about the operation, please?

  • Catharine Richert


    I have the same questions! I know little about pig farming operations, but I find it hard to believe that it’s easy to round up several hundred pigs in the middle of the night without some commotion. It would make more sense if the pigs were held far away from watching eyes – but from what I’ve read, the owners or neighbors live close by.

    We may never know…