The Daily Digest (State credit rating downgraded, Obama rips GOP, Wright resigns)

Standard and Poors downgraded Minnesota’s credit rating.

Sheila Wright, director of the Office of Higher Education, has resigned her position. Gov. Dayton’s spokesman would not offer further explanation when asked directly if Gov. Dayton asked Wright to resign. Wright could not be reached for comment.

Gov. Dayton is in South Korea on a trade mission.

Minnesota’s ag officials are planning a trade mission to Vietnam.

AP takes a look at the fight over unionizing in-home day care.

The Star Tribune says Ron Schara, who sits on the Lessard-Sams Heritage Council and appears on Pheasnts Forever TV shows, voted on funding for Pheasants Forever.

AP says voter ID laws are targeting rarely occurring voter fraud.

17 state attorneys general support increased ways to fight Asian carp.

The state’s low-income insurance shuffle has started.

Tim Pawlenty’s official portrait will be unveiled in October.


Party leaders point fingers at each other in the latest spending fight in Washington.

President Obama is campaigning in western states to push for his jobs plan.

The St. Cloud Times takes a look at where the delegation stands on a balanced budget amendment.

Obama’s planned waiver for the No Child Left Behind law clears the way for MN to change its rules.

GOP Rep. John Kline isn’t a fan of the waiver plan. He released an op-ed on the plan on Friday.

DFL Sen. Al Franken is pushing for President Obama’s jobs bill as a way to improve the state’s bridges and other infastructure.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker considered cutting the pay of state employees.

International News

Vladimir Putin is running again for the presidency of Russia.

The Palestinians submitted a UN statehood bid.

Race for President

The Washington Post says President Obama is putting more focus on his Democratic base.

Obama also took aim at Rick Perry at a fundraiser and said the GOP “would cripple America.”

The comments come as voters in more states, like Indiana, say they’re dissatisfied with POTUS.

Herman Cain won the Florida Straw Poll. Cain’s victory is a blow to Texas Gov. Rick Perry who put in time and effort to do well there.

Perry and Mitt Romney are looking beyond the early primary states.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachman campaigns in Iowa today.

She says she’s “in it for the long haul.”

The New York Times picked up on Bachmann’s relationship with controversial pastor Bradlee Dean.

Bachmann campaigned in Tennessee on Friday.

The Star Tribune picks up the story that Bachmann’s farm received federal subsidies.

Bachmann backed Pete Hoekstra in Michigan’s U.S. Senate race.

The PoliGraph says two Bachmann claims missed the mark in a recent debate.

Bachmann also took aim at Perry on immigration.

The Wall St. Journal says New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is being courted to run but still says no.


Saturday Night Live mocked the last GOP debate.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Standard and Poors downgraded Minnesota’s credit rating.

    Tim Pawlenty’s legacy lives on. It took non-President Tim 8 years to create this financial mess. How long will it take to undo his malfeasance?

  • Ralph Crammedin

    “I’ve compared [voterID laws] to the snake oil salesman. You got a cold? I got snake oil. Your foot aches? I got snake oil,” said election law expert Justin Levitt. from the AP link.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Photo ID is just another GOP boondoggle. It will cost Minnesotans millions and steal Grandma’s Constitutional right to vote.