The Daily Digest (Mounting contention over health insurance exchange, unionization of day cares and federal disaster aid)

MPR reports that contention is mounting over whether the state of Minnesota can spend federal money to create a health insurance exchange. The Dayton Administration argues it has the authority but Republicans, who oppose the federal health care law, say he doesn’t.

Gov. Dayton is criticizing the Minnesota Legislature for holding hearings and news conferences at taxpayer expense.

The governor’s statement comes after Committees in the House and Senate announced that they intend to hold hearings on a proposal that could unionize in-home daycare workers.

Tidbit: Dayton says he’s not certain whether he has the legal authority to allow the workers to vote on forming a union.

MPR reports that some Republican lawmakers don’t follow GOP Rep. Pat Garofalo’s lead on local school levies.

The federal government gave Minnesota $4.5 million to review health insurance rates.

Leaders in the biosciences industry say the industry needs a boost.

MnSCU’s leader offers a new vision.

MnSCU workers protest the $50k bonus for the outgoing chancellor.

The Legacy Council approved funds to fight Asian Carp.

An investigation uncovers a real estate kickback scheme.

A Minnesota Veterans Affairs official is stepping down.


President Obama faces a tricky task of rejecting a push by the United Nations to allow for a Palestinian state. Obama opposes the move even though he spoke in favor of a diplomatic solution at last year’s UN General Assembly.

Obama praised Libya’s post-revolution leaders at the UN.

GOP leaders tell the Fed that they don’t want any more quantitative easing.

Tidbit: The move helps the GOP with the base as it fights any efforts to increase the deficit but it makes them vulnerable for discouraging the independent Federal Reserve from taking steps to improve the economy.

A fight over federal disaster aid could force a government shutdown.

Are secretaries taxed less than Millionaires? AP has this fact-check.

Google faces an antitrust hearing today.

A key Afghan leader was killed in a bombing.

The U.S. is assembling secret drone bases in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.


$44 million was spent on the recall elections.


Former President George W. Bush will speak to Beth El Synagogue in St. Louis Park tonight. It’s closed press. A protest and an anti-torture vigil are expected to be held outside of the event.


A lawyer representing two Americans being detained Iran say the two should be free within hours.

Race for Congress

Duluth City Council member Jeff Anderson says he’ll announce “two key elected officials who will be endorsing his campaign.” Anderson, a Democrat, is running for the DFL endorsement and the opportunity to challenge GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack.

Cravaack speaks at the CD8 GOP convention in Duluth this Saturday.

Race for President

Rick Perry blasts Obama’s stance on Israel.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann said President Obama should block the Iranian president’s speech at the UN.

Bachmann said the food industry is overregulated.

The Bachmann event created this image which Politico said is not too friendly to Bachmann.

The L.A. Times says Bachmann’s campaign pitch is off-key.

A poll says Bachmann is stuck in single digits in South Carolina.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    the GOP…discouraging the independent Federal Reserve from taking steps to improve the economy.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Party of No is, at least, consistent in its multi-year effort to drag down the Economy and thus impair the President.