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Around Minnesota

Gov. Mark Dayton will be in Isabella for a briefing on the wildfire.

Correction: Dayton was in Isabella yesterday. He’s delivering remarks at the Minnesota Bioscience Summit today.

Isabella residents are questioning an early decision to let the fire burn.

A second judge must sign a bail deal before two American hikers arrested in Iran can go free.

Brooklyn Center voters are mailing in their ballots on a school levy referendum.

In a report, the Office of the Legislative Auditor suggests the state should consider retooling its approval of online schools.

Transportation officials were in Minnesota to tout President Barack Obama’s jobs plan.


Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is no more.

In Washington

As part of his $3 trillion deficit reduction plan, Obama is calling for $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue.

He said he’ll veto any plan that cuts Medicare benefits without raising taxes on the wealthiest.

Congressional Republicans quickly rejected the plan.

Add this phrase to your public policy lexicon: “Buffett Rule.” It’s a provision in Obama’s proposal that would essentially require the nation’s wealthiest to pay the same share of their income in taxes as middle income earners do. It’s named after Warren Buffet, a billionaire who believes people like him should pay more in taxes.

Frank James with National Public Radio writes that the 2012 election could come down to “what side of the ‘Warren Buffett Rule’ line one stands on.”

Does Obama’s plan cut taxes or raise taxes? It turns out it does both depending on the budget baseline.

As part of the bill, Obama wants $33 billion in farm subsidy cuts.

The Obama administration says it’s still committed to closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

A former staffer for Sen. Al Franken has taken a job with a renewable energy company.

On the Campaign Trail

Rep. Michele Bachmann reacted to Obama’s call for a tax increase by saying that “you don’t create jobs by increasing taxes on job creators.”

Bachmann was in Iowa yesterday. She’ll be making the rounds again today.

She said people should buy their own health insurance with tax-free money.

Bachmann criticized Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s immigration record.

Perry, also in Iowa, said a health care plan supported by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is “socialized medicine.”

Bachmann doesn’t have the resources or ability to go beyond the Iowa caucuses at this point, said her former campaign manager Ed Rollins.

The Obama campaign is opening offices in eight Iowa cities this week.

Bachmann said she was just repeating a claim that the HPV vaccine causes mental retardation.

On Midmorning, scientists talked about the HPV vaccine.

  • danno

    “you don’t create jobs by increasing taxes on job creators.” Who could argue with such sterling logic? Since the ultra-rich are money amassers rather than job creators lets raise taxes on them. Although I suppose they create campaign staff jobs with all the money they give to Mitchy and her ilk. Giving money to huge corporations and vastly wealthy individuals benefits nobody. The corporations raise executive compensation and dividend levels. The wealthy just pile up more passive income by investing and of course receiving the afore-mentioned dividends. Money shifted to the lower and middle classes, in contrast, stimulates the economy exponentially since these people are the actual job creators and the people who will put the money back into the economy in a meaningful fasion. Bachmann has so little credibility. I hope her staff are reading the instructions for collapsing her tent.

  • danno

    I bet those farm subsidy cuts are a huge relief to the tea-partiers and no-tax pledgers. They are both smart enough to know that if you decrease revenue, you have to decrease spending. This is something we can all get behind.