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Good Thursday morning, and welcome to the Daily Digest, where we explore the state’s tobacco bonding plan, question whether Bachmann’s HPV comments have backfired, and take a look at the latest polls.

Around Minnesota

Remember the tobacco bonding plan that ended up in the state’s budget deal? The bonds are about to be sold, but there are still a lot of questions about how much money they’ll make.

Gov. Mark Dayton is weighing an executive order that would allow in-home child care workers to unionize.

Dayton took verbal swipes at his GOP critics.

He wants a larger contribution from the Vikings for the team’s new stadium.

The PoliGraph says DFL claims that the school payment shift originated with Republicans are misleading.

The BWCA fire rages on. MPR has an FAQ on the blaze.

Dayton makes a former House speaker a Fourth District judge.

Next Door

An FBI probe surrounding Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is expanding.

In Washington

President Barack Obama was in North Carolina touting his jobs plan.

Some congressional Democrats say they can’t vote for it as is.

A company that benefited from the last stimulus bill is under scrutiny in Congress.

On the Campaign Trail

Rep. Michele Bachmann is courting support from an Arizona sheriff with a tough stance on illegal immigration.

Bachmann’s comments about the HPV vaccine may be backfiring.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the target of Bachmann’s criticism, is among those saying that her comments about the safety of the HPV vaccine are false.

He’s still doing well in polls. A Bloomberg survey has him capturing 26 percent support from Republicans and Republican-leaning independents. Romney is in second place with 22 percent and all other candidates have less than 10 percent.

A University of Minnesota bioethics professor is offering $1,000 for proof that woman’s daughter became mentally disabled after getting the HPV vaccine. Bachmann mentioned meeting the mother after Monday night’s debate.

Bachmann’s book has a cover – and a name: Core of Conviction.

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