Staff shakeup on Bachmann campaign

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is shaking up the staff on her presidential run. The campaign announced tonight that Campaign Manager Ed Rollins is transitioning to the position of senior adviser. The campaign says Rollins made the move because of health reasons.

“In less than 50 days and with fewer resources than other campaigns, Ed was the architect that led our campaign to a historic victory in Iowa,” Bachmann said in a news release. “I am grateful for his guidance and leadership, and fortunate to retain his valuable advice even though his health no longer permits him to oversee the day-to-day operations of the campaign.”

The move comes just a day after Rollins told The Washington Post that the race is now between Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

“The Perry-Romney race is now the story, with us the third candidate,” Rollins told the Washington Post.

The release says current campaign strategist Keith Nahigian will assume the role of interim Campaign Manager.

The campaign didn’t say in their news release that Bachmann’s deptuty campaign manager, David Polyansky, is also leaving the campaign. Politico is reporting that Polyansky has a different view of the “way forward” for the campaign.

Rollins and Polyansky played a part in helping Bachmann win the Iowa Straw Poll last month. Since then, the campaign has been working to regain the momentum lost after Texas Gov. Rick Perry jumped into the race.

The moves are sure to be heavily scrutinized since Bachmann has been known for the high turnover rate in her congressional office.

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