Pawlenty’s video producer now on Perry’s team

As he ran for president, late night comedians often tagged former Gov. Tim Pawlenty as being boring. Pawlenty tried to counter that notion with a series of quick-cut dramatic videos, promoting his campaign and attacking President Barack Obama.

Now the man behind Pawlenty’s videos is promoting Texas Gov. Rick Perry with this very familiar looking production:

Change the name of the candidate, and it could have been a Pawlenty video, right?

Perry’s campaign did not respond to a MPR News inquiry about who produced its new video, but Politico reports that it’s Lucas Baiano,

Perry’s campaign confirmed to MPR News that it’s Lucas Baiano, the guy who did several similarly dramatic spots for Pawlenty like this one:

  • Mike

    This loser was a Hillary supporter who turned into a Republican just because she lost. He’s gay as well so he’s working overtime to fight against his own interests like an idiot.