GOP threatens lawsuit if Dayton acts on unionizing in-home day care providers

Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature say they will consider taking legal action if Governor Dayton moves forward with an executive order that would authorize in-home day care providers to vote on forming a union. Committees in the Minnesota Senate held a hearing tonight to discuss the issue and whether Dayton has the authority to take the action. An attorney for the Senate told the committee that she doesn’t believe the governor can authorize a vote. Sen. David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, said he would consider a lawsuit if Dayton took the step anyway.

“If a governor who’s empowered to uphold the constitution and act lawfully under Minnesota law and I think we would have to hold him accountable…”

Dayton said he hasn’t decided whether he’ll issue the executive order. Several providers say they want a union to give them a voice when it comes to government regulations and on lobbying for increased subsidized day care rates at the State Legislature. Other providers say they don’t need union help.