GOP challenger ready for Ellison

chris fields.jpgA retired Marine major says he wants to run against 3-term DFL Congressman Keith Ellison next year. Chris Fields announced his campaign today and says he plans to run against Ellison in 2012.

Fields, 44, spent 21 years in the Marines, recently as a logistics officer. He retired Aug. 1. Fields said he also worked on Wall Street before joining the Marines, earning a commission and graduating from college in the service. He grew up in New York City and moved to Minneapolis when he recently married.

He says he thinks Ronald Reagan’s message of prosperity and security would serve the 5th District well.

“I grew up in the South Bronx, dirt poor,” Fields says. “I know what its like to go to bed hungry. And I remember those hard times, and then there was a fellow by the name of Ronald Reagan came along, and all of the sudden, we get rid of double digit unemployment, we get ride of double digit inflation, and the gas lines of the 70s and over the course of the years, he energized people and made people feel like it was OK.”

Fields said he’ll be seeking the GOP endorsement to run against Ellison.

“Folks are hurting out there,” he says. “Folks are hurting across the whole district, and folks are hurting particularly in North Minneapolis, and since Congressman has been in office, folks haven’t gotten a lot of relief economically.”

Ellison beat his last challenger, Republican Joel Demos, by a better than 2-to-1 margin.