Report: Finance sector is Bachmann’s biggest industry donor

Donors in the finance and real estate sectors are making sizeable contributions to GOP presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann’s war chest, according to a new analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP), a group that tracks campaign fundraising.

According to the group, Bachmann has so far raised $3.6 million. Of that, $1.4 million came from people contributing more than $200.

Donors who list employment in the financial sector have contributed at least $129,675 to Bachmann, according to the Center’s research. That’s about 9.4 percent of her itemized receipts.

Coming in second are donors from the health sector, who gave in the range of $65,200 to Bachmann. General business gave her $49,600 and agribusiness gave her $40,875.

While the latter may not seem like a lot of cash, CRP notes that of all the candidates, she’s the most reliant on agribusiness money.

Bachmann’s still getting most of her funding from people who are giving less than $200 – donations that don’t need to be itemized.

To see how she stacks up against the other candidates, check out CRP’s report here.

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