Dayton’s new dog: Itasca

20110926_daytons-puppy-itasca-vert.jpgGov. Dayton announced on his Facebook page today that the name of his new puppy is Itasca. Dayton announced on Thursday that he was starting a “Guess the name of the dog” contest on his Facebook page. He’s expected to get another puppy to join Dayton’s other dogs: Mingo and Mesabi.

Dayton announced on his Facebook page that Emily Flesch won the contest.

“Flesch is the winner of Mingo’s “Guess My New Brother’s Name” contest. He is Itasca. Emily was the first responder!,” Dayton wrote. “Congratulations, Emily. I look forward to dinner with you and your friends at The Bachelor Farmer.”

Flesch and a few friends will now have dinner with Dayton. Dayton said he’s willing to pick up the tab at the Minneapolis restaurant that is owned by his two sons.

For the election geeks out there, Dayton won Itasca County with 52 percent of the vote in the 2010 race for governor.