Dayton has another puppy on the way

Gov. Mark Dayton announced today that he will soon be the owner of a third dog.

Dayton told reporters that he’s getting a black, male German Shepherd puppy in mid-October. The yet-to-be-named dog was born Aug. 16 in Pine City.

Dayton already has two German Shepherds, but he explained that Mesabi is getting old and cannot match the playful energy of Wanamingo (aka Mingo), who moved into the governor’s residence as a puppy earlier this year after the death of another dog named Dakota.

“When Mesabi and Dakota were brother and sister, they were together all of their lives,” Dayton said. They just could play with each other, relate with each other, go out and chase each other around and the like. That’s just not available to Mingo. She has all this energy, and she needs a brother.”

Dayton said a contest will begin Monday on Mingo’s Facebook page to guess the name of the new dog.

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