Bachmann to promote Social Security at tea party debate

Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign spokeswoman Alice Stewart says the Minnesota Congresswoman is looking forward to using Monday evening’s debate to highlight the sharp difference between her position on Social Security and that of Texas Gov. Rick Perry. During the last debate, Perry called Social Security “a monstrous lie” and a “Ponzi scheme.” Stewart says Bachmann will make the case that Social Security is an important safety net and that the federal government should “keep its promise to seniors.”

“She [Bachmann] believes it’s wrong for a candidate to make seniors worry about the safety net they are entitled to,” Stewart told MPR News Sunday afternoon.

Since Perry entered the race, Bachmann’s standing in national polls has plunged, leaving her a distant third or fourth behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Perry and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who hasn’t said whether she will enter the race.

Eight GOP candidates will be on stage for Monday’s tea party debate which CNN will broadcast live from Tampa, Florida at 7 p.m. CST. It will be Bachman’s fourth debate. Stewart called the debates, “an important part of our overall strategy to connect with voters in Iowa, South Carolina, New Hampshire and across the country.”

She also said Bachmann, the chair of the House Tea Party Caucus, is uniquely positioned to articulate tea party concerns.

“The Tea Party debate is important because of the significant role they have played in shaping the dialogue on the role of government in the lives of Americans. No one understands that better than Michele Bachmann,” said Stewart.

  • wayne

    Bachmann is done, finished and discharged from any reasonable possibility of getting the nomination……solely because she is totally unprepared. After a reasonable period of dedicated study, she could try for dogcatcher. Any donations she accepts hereafter is grand larceny!