Bachmann wins “fun” MNGOP Straw poll

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann won some home state support at the Minnesota Republican Party’s State Fair booth. The MNGOP held an unscientific straw poll throughout the Fair.

There were 2,300 votes for Bachmann. Texas Gov. Rick Perry finished second with 1,901 votes. Texas Congressman Ron Paul finished third with 1,181 votes. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney received 617 votes.

Those attending the State Fair were eligible to vote in the straw poll if they visited the MNGOP’s State Fair booth.

It’s an unscientific poll so shouldn’t be viewed as a way to gauge support in Minnesota. Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton dubbed the straw poll at the State Fair as a “fun way to see a candidate’s viability” at the State Fair. in other words, it’s a little bit of catnip for political watchers.

Here are the results:



PERRY: 1901

PAUL: 1181



PALIN: 372

CAIN: 336





  • Sk00L

    Bachman is a good looking kook who has decent sound bytes.

    Perry is a mirrored opposite of Obama which makes him just as dangerous.

    Paul rocks but Americans are too mindless to understand where he is coming from.

    Romney would do ok but at this point in the American timeline would be bad and hurt the US even more.

    Christie… is NOT running..

    Cain is ok but ex-chair of the Kansas Fed Reserve (so epic fail)

    Gingrich…oldhat oldguard politics as usual.

    Huntsman, Pretty good, he is smart but…

    Santorum…. will most likely drop out soon

  • mz

    lol – Bachmann is a joke, she is Palin part 2.


  • Jeff

    Bachmann is the home team favorite, of coarse she came in 1st.

    Perry is done as soon as people get to know him.

    The general masses are too stupid to elect Paul.

    America won’t elect a Mormon, so forget Romney.

    And the list goes on and nowhere from there…

  • Minnesota Central

    Is it fair to say that 5,431 Minnesotans, who supposedly know Congresswoman Bachmann from her years in the Minnesota Legislature and representing over 600,000 Minnesotans in Congress, decided that she was not the best nominee ?

    Admittedly, this would have been a more “fun” poll, if Tim Pawlenty had not decided to terminate his campaign …. yet, isn’t it surprising that the “write-in” slot isn’t higher as that would be the spot to list Governor Pawlenty.

    Lastly, how quickly these voters who they awarded with their previous support … Romney won the 2008 caucus over McCain, et al while Gingrich won the MN-GOP straw poll in 2007.

  • pr*ck_kerry

    You know, the most telling indication that America’s Statesman, Ron Paul, will be the next POTUS occurred when he became the 800-lb gorilla and elephant in the room. In other words the world awes him.

    Therefore to humanity-haters, please ramp-up the ad hominem attacks and propagandistic omissions. It’s free endorsement and perhaps miraculous.