Super PAC ad takes Bachmann’s side on vaccine issue

Keep Conservatives United says it will start airing a new ad on Fox News in Cedar Rapids Thursday questioning Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s character.

The ad focuses on Perry’s 2007 executive order mandating HPV vaccinations for 6th grade girls in Texas.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, who’s battled Perry for the support of tea party backers, has been going after Perry for his order, which the Texas Legislature overturned just a few months after Perry issued it. Bachmann has been accusing Perry of abuse executive authority and “crony” capitalism, linking Perry campaign contributions to the vaccine’s manufacturer, Merck.

But Bachmann also drew wide criticism for linking the vaccine to mental retardation, a side effect no scientific study has found.

Keep Conservatives United has run two previous ads in South Caroline promoting Bachmann and attacking Perry on government spending in Texas and immigration.

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