Bachmann campaign manager: Bachmann “has to win Iowa”

The campaign manager for Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presidential bid released a powerpoint presentation today that details how Bachmann can win the GOP nomination.

In the presentation, campaign manager Keith Nahigian made it clear that Bachmann has to do well in the Iowa Caucuses.

“She has to win Iowa and move on from there,” Nahigian said in the 4 minute video that showed a graphic that said Iowa is a “must win state.”

Nahigian emphasized Bachmann’s Iowa Straw poll victory, her Iowa roots and her ability to organize supporters in the state.

“By winning Iowa she will be on a path to victory,” Nahigian said.

Nahigian also said the campaign won’t put as strong a focus on New Hampshire – the first primary state. The team won’t “dominate their effort” like they intend to do in Iowa.

Bachmann, who has also campaigned heavily in South Carolina, also appears to be putting her focus on that state. Nahigian said the campaign will work to unite Tea Party members, social conservatives and Republicans who focus on national security.

“If she wins in Iowa, does well in New Hampshrire and wins in South Carolina, she’s on a very good path to win nomination,” Nahigian said.

The video also takes an unspoken shot at Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by saying this is not the year for GOP voters to choose a candidate WHO doesn’t strictly adhere to conservative principles. Bachmann has been suggesting that she’s the candidate who doesn’t “compromise her principles.” She also acknowledged last night that they have to “turn things around.”

The web video comes at a critical time for Bachmann’s campaign. She’s been sinking in national opinion polls and the 3rd Quarter fundraising wraps up on Friday. The campaign focused a lot of time and money to win the Iowa Straw poll in August (I’m guessing Randy Travis doesn’t come cheap). AP suggests that Bachmann’s recent videos look amateurish and may be a result of the campaign’s heavy spending at the straw poll.

The video detailing Bachmann’s strategy to win the nomination may also be an attempt to revise expectations. The campaign’s decision to say that she has to “win Iowa” in such public fashion may be a signal that she won’t be spending as much time campaigning (or spending money) in other states. The state could be the Waterloo for the candidate who was born in the Iowa city with the same name.

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