Four out of 5 in Fair poll want Viking vote

20101221_vikings-fans-cheer.jpgThe Taxpayers League of Minnesota says 79 percent of the respondents to its paper-ballot poll in the State Fair said they wanted a referendum on a sales tax for a new Vikings stadium. Presumably, the guy at left would have been a no.

The poll was admittedly unscientific, according to League president Phil Krinkie. He said the referendum query was one of four questions on a half-sheet questionnaire at the League’s grandstand booth. There were, he said, “lots of people sort of nonchalantly walking by, and they’d see ‘Stadium Survey,’ and they’d make a quick turn and want to fill out the survey.”

Krinkie himself has spoken out repeatedly against taxpayer subsidies for a new NFL stadium.

But he says that the thinks their is some validity to the response: “There were people at the state fair who came up and expressed, you know, “I live in Hennepin County and they ran right over us and didn’t give us a chance to vote (on the Twins stadium deal).”

Ramsey County is mulling a vote on its plan to devote a half-cent sales tax to a proposed stadium in Arden Hills.

The Taxpayers League asked three other questions about the Vikings, as well. They included: 1) Do the Vikings need a new stadium? 2) Should state revenue be used to finance a new stadium? 3) Should local taxpayers (i.e. city or county) help pay for a new stadium?

Krinkie said they’re still tabulating the poll results on those questions. He said they got about 4,100 responses, and are counting them all by hand.

(AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)

  • Esox

    We elect our congress people to make these decisions on our behalf!

    Are we going to have a referendum on everything? That’s not how a Republic works!

  • Esox

    I trust our congress people to make the right decision on this. I trust that a referendum would only make the popular decision.

  • Old Mill

    Are you scared that if the public was allowed to vote on the referendum that they would vote it down?

    Enough of the Corporate Welfare.

  • Don

    First, I am against the building of a Vikings stadium with taxpayer money.


    The House of Representatives and Senate both had surveys at the MN, state fair that anyone could take that was at the fair. They did not ask if they were residents of this state or country, or had to show a ID. What do you think of that? Did they assume that all people at the fair are from MN. People from any other state or country could take the survey if they were at the fair. What do you think of that? Then, they want to tell you that a certain percentage of people from MN, voted a certain way on a question when they didn’t check to see if they were a resident. What do you think of that? I have live in this state for 65 yrs and a house member and senator have my e-mail address and I didn’t get a survey because I didn’t go to the fair, but they want my vote!